Missionary Prayer Requests


EDWARDS, JON   – Camino Global – USA

  1. Pray for Jon who had a cochlear implant and is waiting for activation.
  2. Pray for direction for when to sell his house.

ENCARNACION, TONY  – Navigators – University of Alabama

  1. Pray for all the logistics as we host fall events and Friday fellowship to welcome students.
  2. Pray that God blesses our efforts as we build strong personal connections with new and old students.
  3. Pray for favor as Tony Seeks new financial partnerships.
  4. Praise for four new believers that came to Christ over the summer.


  1. Pray for Taylor a young student who has accepted Christ.
  2. Pray for Tiny a student leader as Deb encourages her in her senior year.
  3. Pray for Katie a graduate now in the Navy as Deb disciples her while she in Tampa until October.
  4. Pray for Deb as she travels to Montrose, CO. for a week to speak about listening to God.
  5. Pray for a family returning from the Middle East that the Lord will continue to bring people into their lives to

Spur them on to Jesus.

  1. Pray for Deb that she will keep growing in following the Lord well and the Lord will bring healing to her body.
  2. As Deb heads back to campus, ask the Lord to bless the time she has with the students. Also, pray for the staff she is coaching and encourage them to keep growing as He is leading them to.

HENRIQUES, BOB AND ANN  –  Camino Global – Guatemala

  1. Pray for stability in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
  2. Pray for Jose a young Cuban teaching the Bible in Cuba.
  3. Pray for Susie, a 21 year old seminary student, who will join a team to reach the people in Senegal, Africa.
  4. Pray for the SETECA students taking missions trips to Brazil, Ecuador and Senegal.

MANDA, STEVE AND LOIS  – Ethnos 360  –  Sanford, Florida

  1. Pray for Steve and Lois as they travel to Fishkill, NY to share their ministry with Fishkill Baptist church.
  2. Pray for Ed, a former co-worker in Palu. They have had 2 earthquakes and over 100 aftershocks. Pray for His protection on all our people and that they will get out safely.

McKAY, JULIE  –  Paris, France

  1. Pray for two of her language teachers (subs) that they would become strong believers.
  2. Pray for Julie’s language development.

NAGELI, BUCK AND JOANNE  – Ethnos 360 (New Tribes Mission) – Sanford. FL

  1. Pray for more maintenance people and strength.
  2. Pray for their daughter Jennifer who is living with them and working with Buck.

JANE  –  World Venture 

  1. Pray that Jane will receive her Senegal ID card before leaving for the states in January.
  2. Pray for a consistent witness to the students that frequent the libraries.
  3. Pray for rain so the farmers will have a harvest.
  4. Pray for the 18 kids to come to the house library to hear the last chapters of the book being read.
  5. Pray for those who work at Jane’s house that they will understand their need for Jesus as Savior.
  6. Pray for the many decisions and plans that I am in the process of making for my Home Assignment in 2019.


  1. Pray for the new Director Lisa Rowe.
  2. Pray for Callie as she transitions to her new job at the Twig.

WALCHLE, RANDY AND PATI  –  By the Light Ministries  – Liberia, Africa

  1. Pray for a safe delivery for our daughter Kirsten and baby Augustina.
  2. Pray for the upcoming building project decisions.
  3. Pray for continued safety, healthy, and God’s direction in our Liberian partnership.
  4. Pray for Liberia, their economy is poor, the people are agitated, and they need a spiritual revival to restore hope and a better future.

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