VBC New Campus FAQ

VBC New Campus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a list of FAQ with the answer from the Church Leadership. You can refer other VBC members to this page for the latest official information on the VBC New Campus project.

Where & when will worship services be held?  

  • Our worship services will be held at Venice Community Church 1600 Banyan Road – located behind First Watch/Xfinity locations near Center Rd.    11:00-12:30.

What about the church administrative offices?

  • The Shamrock House will be used for our administrative offices.
  • Part of the building will continue to function for children and youth events as well as men and women’s events.

What are the plans for children and youth activities?

  •  They will use the Shamrock House.

What about bible studies?

  •   They can happen throughout the week and in Home Groups.

How can we get updates on the move process?

  •  Check VBC New Campus page of website regularly for the latest information.  

How can we give financially to help?

  •  Call the church office or simply mark your check “building fund” in the memo line.

What can I do to help? 

  •  Please don’t wait to be asked!! You may send an e-mail to vbc@vbcfl.com or call the church office at 941-493-2788.

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