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Spiritual transformation takes place in community.

We believe that God designed us to “do life” together. God never intended that we go it alone. Instead, He built us to need one another, and it is when we are with one another that we experience God and our lives are transformed over time into fully devoted followers of Christ.

At Venice Bible Church we practice doing life together in the context of small groups, gatherings of six to twelve people. Small groups are safe places where people come as they are to study and live out the truths of God and His intentions for us. In these groups, people connect, share, encourage, pray, study Scripture in an engaging way, and join together in service of others. Over time, these relationships bring God’s grace to bear on our lives and we are never the same.

We invite you to take the next step in your spiritual journey by joining a small group.

Contact the church office to join a small group or for help in organizing a new one. Small Group information is on the Small Group Bulletin Board in the foyer.